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Comedy: Robert Hawkins

By PF Wilson · November 22nd, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Robert Hawkins is America’s premiere road comic. He wouldn’t have it any other way. While he wouldn’t turn down some TV money, he’s happy entertaining folks in clubs across America. Despite the recession, he’s never been busier.

“(People) ask you all the time ‘What do you want to do?’ And my answer is, ‘I’m already doing it.’ I just want to make a little more money doing it and to do that you kind of have to be on TV,” Hawkins says.

“I’m good with radio, I can do that, too. I have a ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude and it worked for a while, but now I’m getting older I kind of do give a shit, but not really.”

Though he’s had some good exposure opening for Ron White, Hawkins isn’t officially what you would call a “blue-collar” comic, though he does attract that audience. Raised in south Florida, he’s always had an affinity for what he calls “that east coast attitude.” Perhaps it came from being around so many transplanted Northeasterners, particularly New Yorkers. “It’s a fine mix,” he says. “I’m just trying to be myself. I’m a southern Yankee, and I eat city-fried steak.”

Hawkins performs at Go Bananas in Montgomery’s Festival Market Place Thursday-Sunday. 

Go here for show times and ticket information.



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