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Art: The Chocolate Connection at Lloyd Library and Museum

By Steve Rosen · November 22nd, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

The Lloyd Library and Museum — the fascinating downtown institution that collects historic material related pharmacy, botany, horticulture, herbal and alternative medicine and related topics — currently has an exhibit about Hans Sloane, a British physician and naturalist (1660-1753) who was an early advocate of the medicinal value of drinking chocolate. He learned about it on a trip to Jamaica, and the exhibit includes Sloane's 1696 book onJamaican botany, including, appropriately, an illustration of cacao tree.

Called The Chocolate Connection: Hans Sloane & Jamaica and on display through January, the exhibit also features 19th Century photos of Jamaica by Curtis Lloyd, one of the library's founders.

It's paired with works by Art Academy illustration students that show chocolate brings out the best in art students.

The Lloyd Library and Museum is open Monday-Friday at 917 Plum St., Downtown.

Go here for museum and exhibit details.



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