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Don't Take the People's Stairs

By · February 7th, 2007 · Letters
I read the CityBeat article about 15 households that were holding a set of public steps hostage ("Controlling the Stairs," issue of Jan. 31) and City Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz, who was going along with and helping their cause. All I can say is: Are you kidding me?

How can 15 out of several thousand households in the area hold something that belongs to the city hostage? It's a typical case of the haves and the have nots. The heir to the Iams pet food fortune is worried about his house in a bad nieghborhood. Well, why not sell the house and move to Indian Hill with all of the other "better-than-you" people?

This is exactly the kind of oppression that my hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., fought against. I wonder how much money the Iams heir has invested in community centers, organized Block Watch programs and things that would improve the neighborhood around him.

I now reside in Northern Kentucky but lived over half of my life in Cincinnati as a native Cincinnatian, and this makes me mad as hell! No one has the right to close down anything that belongs to the people.

My heart broke when I read the paragragh about the little old lady who uses the stairs to go the the store and church. This uppity street needs to come back down to earth.

If anyone from the surrounding streets and area is interested, they can contact me via email and I'll organize a march up the steps just like Dr. King would have done! It's a shame that this type of discrimination still prevails, but we shall overcome someday.

-- Rev. Robert Ashley Beagle revrabeagle@hotmail.com

Bush Paranoid
In CityBeat's recent Porkopolis item "Kings, Spies and Sorry Blogs" (issue of Jan. 31), President Bush's "inherent authority" for wiretapping is proclaimed as "warrantless" and "unconstitutional." Although I don't feel that Bush is as bad as everyone makes him out to be, I have to agree that this is one of his major flaws.

His intentions might very well have been to help rid us of terrorism through beliefs of probable cause, but I feel that his actions simply express his own feelings of paranoia. The belief and fear of terrorism gives nobody, not even the president, the right to invade someone else's personal life.

-- Grant Hayes, Washington Township

In the To Do preview of the Rhys Chatham show at the Skull Lab performance space last week (issue of Jan. 31), CityBeat incorrectly said that Skull Lab was "headquarters" for the Art Damage organization. Skull Lab is not affiliated with Art Damage.



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