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Comedy: Marc Maron

By PF Wilson · November 2nd, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

What’s comedian Marc Maron talking about on stage these days? “Everything,” he says. “I’m doing a lot of stuff about relationships, divorce, drugs. The same conversations I have had over the years, topic-wise, though completely new. Older and wiser, less angry.”

Fans of the old Late Night With Conan O’Brien are no doubt familiar with his work, as he had more appearances on that show than any other comedian. Concurrent to his stand-up, which he's been doing for about 20 years, Maron also hosts the popular WTF podcast. The show grew out of his work at the now defunct Air America radio network.

The demise of that operation was fortuitous for Maron, who was anxious to get out of what he describes as partisan political radio. Hosting a show, however, was still very appealing. With no broadcast home, Maron headed for the Internet. “We still had our security keys (after being let go) so we started breaking into the Air America studios and the first five or six podcast we did there, bringing people up the freight elevator,” he says.

Unlike his radio show, the podcast is far less political and usually involves an interview with a comedian and other entertainer. “We had no idea how it would take off,” he says. “I eventually got some equipment and built a mini studio in my garage. Now I’ve got some equipment I can use on the road, and now we're doing it every week Monday and Thursday.”

Maron performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. Tickets are $10-$15.

Go here for showtimes, tickets and venue details.



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