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Comedy: Pablo Francisco

By PF Wilson · October 25th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Pablo Francisco is widely known as a comic with a gift for making all sorts of sounds and doing funny voices, but that perception is a little inaccurate. He's a talented impressionist who uses a variety of vocal effects and odd vocalizations to drive home those bits that involve impersonations and has been working towards a career in stand-up since he was about 13, when he and a friend had a contest to see who could tape more comedians off of the TV.

“I learned their personalities and what point of view they had,” he says.

Today his comedy is enjoyed the world over. In fact, he has just returned from a tour of Scandinavia. “Just being as stupid and crazy and zany as possible,” he says of his set these days. “Let’s make fun of people, make sure they’re not in the room and let’s get crazy. Let’s make fun of the Sham Wow guy.”

One of Francisco's signature bits is his impressions of the late movie trailer announcer Don Lafontaine. Before the famed voice-over man passed, he became friends with Francisco, and he currently does a Techno song in which he creates the beats with “samples” of LaFontaine. “He’s basically cracking jokes during the Techno song, (like) ‘Lindsay Lohan is back in Who’s Going to Have Sex With Me This Year?’ ”

Francisco performs Thursday-Sunday at The Funny Bone on the Levee in Newport. Go here for showtimes and ticket details.



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