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Film: 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King Esquire Opening

By Jason Gargano · October 19th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Remember Pete Rose the baseball player, the unparalleled competitor who played nearly every inning of every game for more than two decades and got more hits than anyone in Major League Baseball history?

It's been nearly a quarter century since Rose put on a Cincinnati Reds uniform. An entire generation has grown up knowing more about the guy's failings as a person than his accomplishments as a baseball player. Terry Lukemire's new documentary, 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King, aims to put the spotlight back on a singular career that's been overshadowed by its subject's admittedly self-inflicted mistakes.

Rose was an undeniable part of Cincinnati's cultural landscape for just about everyone who came of age between the mid-1960s and the late-’80s.

He was a blue-collar guy whose sheer grit and determination propelled him from an unremarkable high school baseball player into one of the world's more successful and recognizable figures. And, as a West Side native, he was one of us.

4192: The Crowning of the Hit King opens Friday at the Esquire Theatre. The film's director, Terry Lukemire, will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A at 7:35 p.m.

Go here to read Jason Gargano's full interview with Lukemire and Pete Rose.



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