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Mount Notre Dame High School

By Jeff Morris and Michael Morris · October 13th, 2010 · Haunted Handbook


Take I-75 north to Ronald Reagan Highway east to the Ridge Road exit. Turn north onto Ridge Road (left if you’re headed east on Ronald Reagan, right if you’re headed west on Ronald Reagan). Ridge Road will angle slightly to the left and change its name to East Columbia Avenue. The high school will be less than a half-mile down the road on the left.


One of the older schools in Cincinnati, this building opened in September of 1860 as a boarding school for girls. Two of General William T. Sherman’s daughters went to this school in its early years. The school went through many changes through the years, even allowing male students at one point. At another point it included grades K–12. By 1956, it was the all-girl high school that it is today.

The darkest piece of the building’s history occurred in the early 1940s, when a young female student killed herself here.

She committed suicide on the third floor.

Ghost Story

All the ghostly activity in this building seems to be confined to the third floor. It is assumed that the ghost here is the young girl who committed suicide. Most of the time, the activity involves one of two things. The first one occurs when students come to class in the morning. They discover that all the lockers on the third floor have somehow opened up by themselves. The second thing that happens is that all the lights on the third floor will somehow turn on by themselves during the night. Even though the lights had been turned off and the lockers closed before the last person left for the night, people arrive the next morning to find the lights on and the lockers open.


The biggest problem with visiting this ghost is that all of the reported activity happens when no one is around. The lights will turn on, and the lockers will open when no one is in the building, which makes seeing this ghost next to impossible.

Your best bet to see ghostly activity in action is to go to the building late at night and watch the windows on the third floor. Perhaps those lights will come on as you watch. If they are already on, know that they are always turned off before the last person leaves for the day.

Mount Notre Dame High School is located at 711 East Columbia Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45215



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