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Art: Tony Luensman and Paul Coors at Aisle Gallery

By Matt Morris · October 12th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Two artists’ projects are currently on view at Aisle Gallery: Tony Luensman’s Lift and Paul Coors’ The Squeakquel.

As his title suggests, Luensman’s framed works, photographic print and sculptural installations deal with transcendence, but are complicated with elusive formal aspects of the work and symbols for problems with access. Works behind glass recall Gary Hume’s door paintings, culling shapes like windows and the arc of a windshield wiper into minimal icons.

A white-feathered ramp hovering in front of a wall might read as a “stairway to heaven,” but could easily be a bumpy ride down a spiritual game of chutes and ladders. Another corner of Luensman’s exhibition is suggestively sexual coated in a fleshy pink hue.

Coors’ series of diptychs pair smoky-looking prints made with wax and plaster plates with movie posters that draw from recognizable blockbusters (Fatal Attraction, E.T.) but combine the imagery with personal snapshots, a William Eggleston photograph and other pop cultural detritus. Mysterious and mysteriously familiar, Coors navigates individual and shared cultural experiences with absurdity and clever juxtapositions.

Both exhibitions remain on display through Oct. 29. Aisle’s hours are 1-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Go here for show and gallery details.



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