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Silent Night, Anti-Semitism and Just Plain Racist?

By Staff · October 6th, 2010 · Minimum Gauge


Cagey Christmas?

Those prankster Brits are scheming to “fix” the No. 1 UK single at Christmastime once again. (Last year, an online campaign allowed Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 track “Killing in the Name” to beat out a reality/talent show winner’s favored single for the top slot.) And while rallying around RATM might seem like the ultimate (even literal) “Fuck you” to the Pop charts, a new campaign (one of many) has last year’s stunt beat in the subversiveness department. The group, calling itself “Cage Against the Machine,” is trying to get consumers to buy up copies of John Cage’s “4’33’ ” (a 1952 “composition” that contains four and a half minutes of total silence) and make it the holiday No. 1 this Christmas. Coincidently, that’s also the song that got Minimum Gauge booted in the final round of American Idol last year. We’ll try again, though — maybe Steven Tyler and J-Lo “get” avant-garde music.


Tearing Down ‘The Wall’

Rick Sanchez — fired last week from his job reading Twitter feeds on CNN for two hours after going on a “Jews run the media” rant on a radio show — isn’t the only high-profile person being accused of anti-Semitism.

A barrage of imagery during the song “Goodbye Blue Sky” (including dollar signs, stars of David, crosses, Islam’s crescent moon and corporate logos) during Roger Waters’ current tour of Pink Floyd’s The Wall has been called anti-Semitic by the Anti-Defamation League. ADL director Abe Foxman said the sequence of images expresses “the worst age-old anti-Semitic stereotype about Jews and their supposed obsession with making money.” Waters calls the juxtaposition of symbols a reflection of how “the bombardment we are all subject to by conflicting religious, political and economic ideologies only encourages us to turn against one another.” Meanwhile, Buddha released a press statement calling Cypress Hill’s decision to not use its “giant Buddha smoking a bong” stage prop on tour anymore “epically bigoted.”


Bobbing for Media Attention

Another Rock & Roll icon is being accused of bigotry — and these claims are even more outrageous than the ones made against Roger Waters. Widely maligned “Dylan expert” A.J. Weberman (whose tactics for obtaining insight into Dylan’s life and music has included going through the iconic singer/songwriter’s garbage) told the Web site “The Daily Caller” that Dylan’s reserved personality around President Obama during a performance at the White House (recounted by the prez in Jann Wenner’s recent interview with Obama in Rolling Stone) was due to his long-running racism. Weberman says he’s discovered Dylan’s “hatred for blacks” by finding hidden meanings in his writing. The site found another crazy “Dylanologist,” whose thesis is that Dylan is seriously right-wing, who strongly disagreed with Weberman’s assessment. Even the Dylanologist who claims Bob is the reincarnation of Satan, who has come to Earth to spread evil messages in Victoria Secret commercials and refuel the utterly evil pencil moustache craze, found Weberman’s assessment “a little out there.”



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