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Comedy: Ty Barnett

By PF Wilson · October 5th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

There are some comedians who squander their down time, but Ty Barnett isn't one of them. When he had some open spots in his tour this past summer, he hunkered down to work on a number of projects. “I’ve got two pilots that I’m working on,” he says. “I just finished a script for one, and I shot one up in Seattle that’s in the final stages of being put together. I took time to work on stuff behind the camera, so it’s great. It’s amazing the stuff you can do with your computer when you’re not watching porn.”

The touring schedule has heated up, though, and Barnett is back out on the road.

“I’m just trying to get things tied up, all these loose ends,” he says, “and still bring the funny, which is what I plan on doing at Go Bananas.”

A versatile comic, Barnett likes to appeal to a wide range of audiences. “I talk about being a father,” he says. “When your kids are younger, they do cute things. When they get older, not all of it is cute — you got your stressful moments.”

Traveling overseas has been an influence, too. “My world view has changed because I’ve gotten to see more of the world, so that’s pretty nice,” Barnett says. “I throw in some stupid stuff as well — you got to. Couple things about titties. You can’t not talk about them. They exist. I put in a little mix for everybody.”

Barnett performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. Showtime is 8 p.m. with extra 10:15 p.m. shows Friday and Saturday. Go here for venue and ticket information.



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