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Art: Stardust at SCPA

By Matt Morris · September 28th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Since Esme Kenney’s death in 2009, a project was mobilized to create a memorial sculpture that commemorates her life. Jessie Henson, a New York-based artist originally from Cincinnati, was selected to create the memorial, and a great deal of fundraising and effort went into the completion of Stardust, a metal and blown glass phenomenon that is suspended in the third floor atrium of the School for Creative and Performing Arts, where young Kenney had attended school.

Glass spheres in shades of bright blue are arranged into a dreamy, spiraling orbit overhead. I am struck that a memorial could contain joy along with solace, as was intended by Henson and Kenney’s family. Henson has crystallized emotion, events and cherished memories of a life cut short in a sculpture that holds its own as an innovative, contemporary work.

On Saturday, there will be a public viewing of the memorial sculpture from 3-5 pm. SCPA is located at the Erich Kunzel Center for the Arts, 108 Central Pkwy., Over-the-Rhine.

Go here for venue details.



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