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Music: Clifton Heights Music Festival

By Evan Wallis · September 28th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

You might recognize him next to a shot of Jack Daniels, a Newcastle and a few friends in any bar around Clifton Heights, but when not out with friends Rome Ntukogu is busy planning the Clifton Heights Music Festival (CHMF) and keeping it focused on his passion: furthering unity in a community through music and art.

Ntukogu found a passion for it by creating smaller events while he was managing bars around Clifton Heights. These kinds of events helped him bring music to the community around UC, but it wasn’t enough.

While he was managing Baba Budan’s, he mentioned adding music into the monthly pub crawls at the Clifton Bar Association meetings but never received much more than apathetic “go aheads.”

Not until a local band and an MC came to Ntukogu with the idea to play two shows in the same night did the CHMF start to come together. His name was at the helm of the show, and the band wasn’t the ambitious musicians he thought they were, so he decided to make it something more.

The Clifton Heights Music Festival is Friday and Saturday at five venues: Murphy's Pub, Christy's Biergarten, Rohs Street Cafe, Mac's Pizza Pub and Baba Budan's.

Go here for the band lineups and ticket details and here to read Evan Wallis' full interview with Ntukogu.



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