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Comedy: Ryan Stout

By P.F. Wilson · September 28th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Ryan Stout is a native of Ohio, but he doesn’t remember much about living in suburban Cleveland. When he was 4, his father was given a choice by his bosses at General Motors: Relocate to Buffalo, N.Y., or El Paso, Texas. He chose the latter, and the family headed for the Southwest.

“It is a very interesting place to grow up,” Stout says. “People don’t realize that El Paso is the size of Seattle, population-wise.

But there’s nothing there.” Another notable aspect Stout says is “not many people there are white. It’s strange, in a country that’s so obsessed with race, to grow up white and a minority.”

Some time around the age of 9, Stout found himself drawn to comedy. The young Stout didn’t use it as a defense mechanism, though. “I was always just a big fan of communication, and I grew up to realize just how crucial it was to avoiding bad situations,” he says. “I would watch these men and women get on stage and relate their situations and have a crowd of people understanding. I thought, ‘That’s interesting, you get to have your own insights and share them with people.’ ”

Stout performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. Go here for show times, tickets and venue details.



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