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Shalini Latour [Chocolats Latour]

By Brian Cross · September 15th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
Since starting her handmade chocolate business Chocolats Latour (chocolatslatour.com) a little over a year ago, Shalini Latour has seen some ups and downs in the chocolate world. The positives are obviously the excellent chocolates she makes with fillings and flavors like Juniper Berry, Ancho Chili and Stout (using the local Mt. Carmel Stout).

And the negatives? Latour says, “I had a lot of chocolate melting here this summer. That’s been a challenge with the really hot weather.

I’m originally from Montreal, so I’ll take winter over heat any day.”

CityBeat: What was your last great meal and where did you have it?
Shalini Latour
: I went to Fork Heart Knife (in Over-the-Rhine) a couple weeks ago and had dinner there on a Friday night. It was wonderful. I really, really liked it. We had some kind of Bruschetta with roasted eggplants and peppers and then we had a version of a salad Nicoise and another salad. It was wonderful. The food was really fresh and delicious.

CB: Did you ever try a flavor with your chocolate that just didn’t work out?
: I tried hibiscus flowers, which I thought would be great in white chocolate. They’re also a beautiful color, so I figured it would color the chocolate as well and be a beautiful kind of reddish pink inside of a dark chocolate. I infused the cream and the cream looked good, and as soon as I added the white chocolate it turned this brownish-orange and completely lost the flavor as well. That was a huge disappointment.



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