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Comedy: Kyle Kinane

By PF Wilson · September 7th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

When comedian Kyle Kinane moved from Chicago to Los Angeles seven years ago, he not only changed cities, but also the only living arrangement he had ever known. “I lived with my parents until I moved out to California,” he says. “It was change by leaps and bounds all around when I moved.” After diligently pursuing his dream, he was able to quit his day job last year. Oddly, not everyone in L.A. understands why folks move out there. “I think Chicago people are a little more like, ‘You wanna chase this dream? All right, have fun.’ I don’t think they take it seriously.” In L.A.

it seems some employers cringe when you mention you’re also a comedian or an actor or a musician. “People want to know you’re going to work there for a while, and not (constantly) taking a (gig). I’ve had employers that know what’s going on out here, and I’ve also had some that were absolute jerks.” On stage these days he’s trying to keep it upbeat. “I’m trying to challenge myself to not be negative. It’s very easy to make comedy from a negative place and point fingers and criticize. Trying to praise something, or be appreciative of something and make jokes about it is more challenging than cutting things down.”

Kinane performs Thursday-Sunday at Go Bananas in Montgomery. $8-$12. $4 Thursday with college or military ID, $4 Sunday bar and restaurant worker appreciation. 513-984-9288.

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