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Art: The Pleasure of Your Companionship at PAC Gallery

By Matt Morris · September 7th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

On the last Saturday in August, PAC Gallery in East Walnut Hills opened a new exhibition with an inventive strategy for including performance art in a commercial gallery exhibition.

The gallery’s E-invite explained that Kris Ebeling’s solo exhibition The Pleasure of Your Companionship would open with an exclusive performance event for no more than 30 attendees, at $200 a head. Each guest would receive “an original work to remember the evening.” (It turned out to be a drawing by the artist.

Attending as a member of the press, I did not receive one.)

Performance art has been a fundamental medium for artists to explore for decades and while such work functions nicely in alternative and nonprofit spaces, the move for a young commercial space like PAC to take a risk on something less obviously salable gave me pause. Surely such genres in art can only be marketable to a small group of collectors. And how many of them reside in Cincinnati?

The Pleasure of Your Companionship continues through Sept. 18.

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