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Queen City Bike and the Catholic Church

By Kevin Osborne · September 1st, 2010 · Winners and Losers


CATHOLIC CHURCH: Just days before his trial was expected to begin, all charges against a Cincinnati priest accused of molesting a boy in West Virginia were dropped Aug. 27. The Rev. Robert Poandl allegedly abused a boy on a trip there in 1991, when the complainant was just 10 years old. The case was dropped due to unspecified issues during the discovery process related to the boy's medical records. In March, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests wrote to 11 bishops in dioceses where Poandl worked, asking them to use their resources to contact others who might have been sexually abused by him, but only one in Texas replied. As SNAP has said, “Now more than ever, it's time for these bishops to step up to the plate, do their civil duty, honor their moral obligation, and help law enforcement get to the bottom of these accusations against Poandl.” Well put.


QUEEN CITY BIKE: The bicycling advocacy group received a $10,000 grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to help launch a new program to get more people riding bicycles to more places throughout the region.

The Bicycle Friendly Destinations Program will work with area employers, retailers, government agencies and arts and cultural organizations to make it easier for people to reach their facilities on a bicycle. The goal is to increase the use of bicycles for all kinds of trips whether to work, to go shopping or just to run errands in their neighborhood. Places that participate will be recognized in a ceremony next spring.


MIKE WILSON: The Cincinnati Tea Party leader who is running as a Republican in the race for the 28th District seat in the Ohio House is facing an elections complaint. Wyoming resident Maynard Johnson alleges Wilson broke Ohio law by illegally accepting 206 campaign contributions before registering his campaign committee. Also, Johnson alleges Wilson failed to report his pre-primary campaign report in accordance with law. It's not a good sign when someone who wants to be a lawmaker doesn't even know the laws currently on the books or ignores them. We already have enough politicians in office who think the rules don't apply to them.


CHICK-FIL-A: TV commercials say cows like this fast food chain, the second-largest chicken-based restaurant in the United States, but people who favor tolerance and equal rights should have serious misgivings. That's because Chick-fil-A is co-sponsoring Citizens for Community Values' 23rd annual Celebrity Golf Classic fundraiser next week. The action really leaves a foul taste in our mouths. CCV is the Sharonville-based group that promotes anti-gay laws like Ohio's ban on same-sex marriage. Of course, CCV and Chick-fil-A have every right to lobby for whatever bigoted, backward laws they want, just as we (and our readers, hopefully) have every right to snub the chain in favor of KFC.



09.02.2010 at 09:00 Reply
When your your incessant bashing of the Catholic Church stop? In this case with Fr. Poandl, no smoke, no fire. Seems like you're just a mouthpiece for SNAP. Try reporting for both sides of the story for a change. I keep checking your website for interesting articles but in most cases am disappointed with demo-rag propoganda.


09.08.2010 at 04:31 Reply
For those who are interested in the truth (true journalism) instead of sensationalism, this case was dropped for very specific issues, including proven lies of the accuser, manipulation of evidence (deleting 30 pages of medical records and very likely adding one of his own), and what the judge called the “untrustworthy” nature of the accuser. Readers may check this for themselves in the official Court Order Dismissing the Case With Prejudice, which can be found at www.glenmary.org This document is now a fact of law and it’s very eye-opening. Also false in your article is SNAP’s saying that only 1 bishop replied to their request. The truth is that at least 5 dioceses complied, putting the allegation in newspapers and church bulletins, and announcing the allegation at Masses. What SNAP is hoping you won’t find out is that with all this, NOT ONE PERSON CAME FORWARD alleging abuse by Fr. Poandl. Law enforcement in WV went over the top to help the accuser, to the point of perhaps helping the accuser change his date and location of alleged abuse once they realized that Fr. Poandl had never been in the first location ---ever! (see court order) SNAP is now becoming known for seeking vengeance instead of justice. They appear to rouse up a lynch mob to go after the most convenient person. This time they accused/messed with the wrong man. It's hard to find a holier man than Fr. Bob Poandl this side of heaven. So readers, what if one of these days one of you is the most convenient person to accuse falsely? Have you even considered what it's like to be falsely accused? If SNAP continues in the current vein, “guilty until proven innocent” will become the norm. It won’t matter who is accused without validity, as long as their message of anger and vengeance gets out. It seems that instead of SNAP helping true victims to forgive and heal (which is surely painful but necessary), it's easier to remain victims for the rest of their lives, turning all their unhealed pain into anger against the closest priest, minister, teacher, coach, etc. They also don't acknowledge the numerous lies in which the accuser was caught while under oath, choosing instead to call the case dismissal "technicalities." I encourage readers to go to the court transcripts ...see for yourselves. America, wake up ...one of these days you may be the next victim of the witch hunt. I hope SNAP wakes up to an authentic mission of healing instead of blind vengeance. But for now, the boy who cried, ‘Wolf!’ is hurting SNAP’s credibility. In reading through the pages of the court order, it's easy to see the falsehood of the allegation. A true victim of abuse would not have had to alter/delete records, add a page to a medical report, change his story, etc. Other evidence of the accuser's lies can be found at http://www.thetimesrecord.net/front1.shtml It's well past time for SNAP and the media to quit persecuting this innocent priest. The only thing I agree with in this article is that it IS time for bishops to step up and honor their moral obligation –to their falsely accused priest(s) and the Church. Shame on you for publishing such a shoddy and false article. I didn’t bother to rate this article since there was no rating lower than a 1. (P.S. I’m making it a point to eat at Chick-Fil-A too!)


09.21.2010 at 02:08
I agree with KY1's comments supporting Fr. Poandl and denouncing the SNAP organization. SNAP committed a grave injustice against Fr. Poandl which the organization needs to correct. As KY1 mentioned, to find out the facts, visit the Glenmary website and read for yourself the court transcripts. It couldn't be clearer that Fr. Poandl's accuser was found to be a liar and untrustworthy. It's a shame that CityBeat doesn't check its facts before printing such rubbish.