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John Caulfield [Knotty Pine on the Bayou]

By Karen Christopfel · August 24th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
John Caulfield, the owner and chef at Knotty Pine on the Bayou (1802 Licking Pike, Cold Spring, 859-781-2200), has been serving up Cajun-influenced classics for 16 years. John and his wife have just come back from New Orleans where their son will begin his freshman year at Tulane. After a visit to such a dining mecca, I expected his last great meal to involve some sort of delicious NOLA offering, but this family man covets local food cooked on the family grill. 

CityBeat: Where did you have your last great meal and what was it?
John Caulfield: A family gig at my brother-in-law’s was the last great family meal I’ve had.

We went to a market in Taylor Mill and got some homegrown vegetables, steak and lobster. We grilled up the meat and vegetables and topped it with a red, yellow and green pepper sauce. When we go out, we like Longnecks in Wilder, Ky., for a snack, and City View in Mount Adams for burgers.

CB: The 16th anniversary for the Knotty Pine is this week. What’s new on the horizon?
JC: I have some new specials in mind, but my customers come to expect things like fried alligator, grouper and gumbo. They’d kill me if I took them off the menu!



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