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Art: SeeSawSeen at UnMuseum

By Matt Morris · August 16th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Rick Mallette’s wall drawings are the hyperactive cousins of the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux. They are bodily and sci-fi doodles crowded into whirring, bobbing visions across the walls of galleries. For SeeSawSeen at the Contemporary Arts Center’s UnMuseum, Mallette has pushed the work further, offering two grand works — one in invisible ink and the other painted with combinations of red and blue lines that jump out when viewed with 3-D glasses.

When I entered the gallery, I only saw the 3-D mural, a cacophony of outlined shapes and yellow blobs. At one end of the room, glasses and small LED flashlights are available. With the glasses, the visible mural intensifies into a 3-D affair that seems a relevant experiment as more and more blockbuster films are released with a 3-D version. And suddenly the lights in the gallery went off, and the flashlights’ use became clear. The invisible ink mural reacts to ultraviolet light and as your light passes across the wall, a mural much more elaborate than the one facing it is revealed. These are not to be missed and will remain on display until fall 2011. 513-345-8400.

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