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Art: Mark Patsfall at Weston Gallery

By Steve Rosen · August 9th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Mark Patsfall, director of Clay Street Press and one of Cincinnati's most imaginative and accomplished artists in his own right, gets a chance to display just how intriguing his work can be with his contributions to The House in My Head, the multi-artist exhibition at downtown's Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center for the Arts at 650 Walnut St. While he contributes three arresting graphic works, including a remarkably witty vision of modernist architecture merged with Jackson Pollock-style painting, his two larger, more sculptural mixed-media works are especially outstanding and real delights.

One, "The House Outside My Head (Home Alone)," is  actually a scale-model home built of wood, with LCD screens running a strange video program behind the windows  of figures chasing and being chased. And his "McMansion," mounted on a wall, consists of a variety of interconnected toy toilets (where do you buy toy toilets?) and recorded flushing noise. One thinks not only of all the waste being flushed in those real-life oversized suburban monstrosities, but also of our wish to flush their  ugliness from the American landscape. The show is up through Aug. 29.

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