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Horse Slaughter Is Atrocity

By · January 17th, 2007 · Letters
Thank you to Kevin Osborne for his coverage of the important issue of the slaughter of the American horse ("Secret Slaughter," issue of Jan. 10). This atrocity should be an embarrassment to any decent person. Please continue to make every effort to bring it to public attention.

HR 503 passed in the House of Representatives last September and died when the lame-duck Senate decided to start their vacations a week early. The effort to stop horse slaughter in this country will continue this year, successfully I hope, and will be worthy of additional coverage.

-- Matt Bailis mbailis@msn.com

Nation's Dirty Little Secret
Thanks for doing a great article on the organization Speak Up for Horses and Paula Drake ("Secret Slaughter," issue of Jan.

10). Horse slaughter is indeed our nation's dirty little secret. I look forward to more publicity on this dispicable industry.

By the way, Paula set me up with two lovely horses through her many contacts with rescue organizations across the nation. She has many wonderful ideas to help for those who can't have their own horses.

-- Linda Combs Jenkins, Shamrock and Thunder,


It Breaks My Heart
I read Larry Gross a lot in CityBeat and usually like his Living Out Loud column, but the "Dying Alone" column (issue of Jan. 10) got to me like no other.

I can relate to what he's saying when he talks about his brother. My brother also died of AIDS and also died alone. If he had told me he had that illness, I would have stayed with him, but he never said a word to me and kept it a secret. He died two years ago and, yes, I wish I was there to hold this hand and to tell him I love him and now I can't. It breaks my heart.

At least Larry got to be there for his friend and got to hold his hand. He's a good man.

-- Cindy Small, Hyde Park

Getting Together With Dad
Larry Gross' "Dying Alone" column (issue of Jan. 10) hit home, as I haven't seen my father in years. I got to thinking of Mr. Gillis dying alone in his bed and, no, it's not right for someone you love to die alone. I love him but don't know how to talk to him.

We're meeting for dinner this week. I think I have Larry to thank for that.

-- Leslie Corb, Anderson Twp.



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