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Dan Listermann [Listermann Manufacturing Co.]

By Michael Schiaparelli · August 4th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
Dan Listermann’s supply shop near Xavier University has been a mecca for beer and wine “do-it-yourselfers” since 1995. In fact, he’s like a pied piper of home brewing and many of his customers are in the vanguard of Cincinnati’s craft brew renaissance, including Mt. Carmel and Rivertown. Dan got his own commercial brewing license in 2008 and you can now find his terrific beers at places like Whole Foods, Dutch’s and on tap at Grammer’s. But when our conversation turned to pigeon racing, his current passion became obvious.

“I’m doing my first race this summer,” he explains excitedly.

“One hundred miles from Richmond, Kentucky. Nobody knows exactly how the birds find their way back home, but they can cover 600 miles in one day!”

CityBeat: Where’d you have your last great meal and what was it?
Dan Listermann
: For my birthday, my wife took me to Hofbrauhaus. I had pork with sauerkraut and a big dumpling. I drank a wheat beer … I’m not usually a big fan of wheat beers, but Hofbrau makes a good one.

CB: Where’s your favorite place to drink in Cincinnati?
: I don’t get out a lot, but Mecklenburg Gardens is always good. Nine taps and not one Miller, Bud or Coors product!



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