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Comedy: Vince Morris

By P.F. Wilson · August 3rd, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

What’s new with Vince Morris? “I just got out of prison and my life has changed,” he says, laughing. Quite the opposite, actually — the Columbus native is now a father, living outside of Dayton. Almost every week, though, the Comedy Bat Signal calls and he returns to his role as one of America’s sharpest stand-up comics. Balancing career and family has been a challenge. “I’ve got a place in L.A., but it’s a catch-22,” he explains. “I don’t like L.A.

I never liked it, but you have to be there for the career. But you don’t want to raise a family in Los Angeles.”

When he’s home in Ohio he’s cooking, cleaning and being Mr. Mom. Still, he doesn’t lose touch with the outside world. “I’ve got this brand new joke about me watching Fox News,” he says. “I think it’s hilarious.” He then gives a bit of a tease: “I watch all news, including Fox News. What’s that old adage? If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? Fox is like, ‘Fuck that.’ I watch Fox like I’m in a movie theatre. Got a big bowl of popcorn and think, ‘This is really good.’” Morris performs Thursday-Sunday at the Funny Bone at Newport on the Levee.

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