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Gibson, Telecasters and Jesus Freaks

By Staff · July 21st, 2010 · Minimum Gauge


Beyond Thunderdome

If you’ve peeked at the Internet in the past few weeks, you’ll know Mel Gibson’s blockbuster movie career is in trouble after recordings of his caustic, racist and sexist phone calls to his baby mama made it to the public. Instead of doing dinner theater, Mel might want to consider a career in Hip Hop. He recently made his debut on a track by rapper Ras Kass, who sampled Mel’s meltdown for “Why You Be Dressin’ Like That.”

While a clever premise with potential to make a relevant social statement, the track is a total throwaway. The MC admitted it wasn’t “a masterpiece record” and explained on sohh.com, “It’s more like I’m goofing with the nigga (Mel) like, ‘You’re funny my nigga’ … we were looking for a good hearted thing.” Because when all of us heard Mel’s inflammatory rantings, we thought, “Ha, that’s hilarious and deserves a gentle ribbing via a bad Rap song,” right?


Born to Die

A common complaint from old people about the state of music is that, with the disappearance of “physical” copies of albums and singles, music has become completely disposable.

Japanese company K’s Japan takes that concept further with its new line of Smash guitars, which are designed to be shattered, Pete Townshend-style. The guitars can be played, but the real draw is its other perks, like the light weight, shatter-ready construction and low price (around $50).

The company released its first guitars (which look like Fender Telecasters) early this year and have been selling out due to popular demand. The company uses the world’s economic and environmental problems in its sales pitch: “Living in recession, having to live eco-friendly, having to spend less to get by. Stress is every where. Feel like smashing it all?” But the recycling aspect — send your broken bits back to the company and they’ll re-use them for new guitars! — is sketchy.

And a bottle of passable whiskey will run you less than half of the price. After you’ve drained it, break the bottle on a brick wall to release stress. Then, alleviate your eco-guilt by carefully picking up the glass and putting it in a recycle bin. There, we just saved you $30.


God Hates Gaga?

The whackos from the radical, hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas aren’t really fit for civilized society … except maybe to work in public relations, because those lunatics sure know how to get press. The group (known for their “God hates fags” sloganeering) has picketed funerals for soldiers killed overseas and Metal legend Ronnie James Dio and now they’ve apparently caught Gaga Fever.

The group showed up at a Lady Gaga concert recently to protest the singer’s advocacy for gay rights. God then held a press conference to deny he hates the singer, saying he’d only listened to her latest album a couple of times and wanted to hear it a few more before passing judgment.



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