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Robin Wood [Robin Wood Flowers]

By Anne Mitchell · July 14th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating

Robin Wood was the silken voice of WEBN’s Dawn Patrol and 25-year radio/TV veteran until 2000, when she retired to pursue a more genteel life as a florist, a second career that she’s enjoying even more than her first. (Check www.robinwoodflowers.com for info on her business.) She dines out on weekdays, not weekends, because her husband, Lee Ferguson, is a weekend cook.

“No one beats my husband’s cooking,” Wood insists. “He makes a wonderful bone-in chicken breast on the grill that’s slow cooked, but nice and crisp.

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He doesn’t bake, which is good, because I don’t eat baked goods any more. That’s all in the past!”

CityBeat: What was the last great meal you ate, and where did you eat it?
Robin Wood
: At Wild Ginger (3655 Edwards Road, Hyde Park, 513-533-9500). Their food is always good. And I always order the same thing: the Hee Ma Roll. Oh, it’s so good. It’s got a crispy shrimp thing, some crab, lots of veggies. It’s just right. And Wild Ginger is friendly, close to home, easy to park. That’s what I care about! It’s easy! (Laughs)

CB: Do you supply flowers for any Cincinnati restaurants?
: No, not right now, and it’s a crying shame! (Laughs) Fresh flowers on the table make a difference! You use fresh ingredients, right? Just a few little blossoms. Try it!



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