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Krista Tevar [Sugar Cupcakery]

By Michael Schiaparelli · June 30th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
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“I’m a vegetarian,” Krista Tevar explains, “and I didn’t want to feed my 2-year-old son junk. So we decided there was probably a market for a healthier alternative to other sweets.”

Last year, she and her sister opened Sugar Cupcakery, featuring delicious organic, gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. The fledgling business was supposed to let her spend more time with her family. But then they were chosen to appear on Cupcake Wars, a Food Network cooking competition. Excited and surprised, Tevar says, “The night it first aired, our Web site got over 2,000 hits!”

The episode re-airs July 13 just as the shop prepares to make its tasty treats available for shipping nationwide, including her son’s current favorite: organic strawberry.

CityBeat: Where’d you have your last great meal and what was it?
Krista Tevar
: I love the savory strawberry pizza with balsamic, ricotta and rosemary at 20 Brix.

But the stuffed Portobello mushroom with homemade salsa at MJ’s on Main is great, too. Can I say both?

CB: Sure. And what’s your favorite non-cupcake dessert?
: Gelato from Dojo. And (Columbus’) Jeni’s Ice Cream. We’ve met the owners and use the same Web designer. It’s great to see small businesses like theirs doing so well in this economy!

SUGAR CUPCAKERY, 32 Main St, Milford, 513-340-3930 or www.sugarcupcakery.com.



07.29.2010 at 12:48 Reply
Hiya Krista, Only self publicity ,pulling strings and a big family con drama -judging by the overpriced crap cupcakes.Only home grown pet - SUGAR DADDY,honey is taken for a ride! We are waiting for your next move .........Nick Lachey & all that green $$$$ !Spare us the TV shows & sob stories - try the emotional blackmail elsewhere , Yeah , SUGAR DADDY Tevar ! It works always ,Doesnt it ?Wrapped around her finger HEY you just wait and see .......a few months or years.....!! There are more talented people with great cooking out there who deserve your space ,not these rip off of Milford and guys n folks! Your article needs better research than featuring this waste of space! Super-market does cheaper and much better cupcakes anyday !so whats the catch to be featured on this ? Money-Bags !Sugar -Sugar Daddy,Here today but replaced tomorrow ! See YA! Get Real CINNCAT