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The Lesson of Chaos

Road to Wellness

By Janet Berg · August 10th, 2005 · The Road to Wellness
Some of you, I realize, live inperpetual chaos and disorder and really don't mind it, maybe even thrive in it. Since my natural inclination is to orderliness, chaos is unnatural and uncomfortable for me, creating anxiety and fear. I'm speaking to those of you who would describe yourself this way.

When we see things happening that are contrary to our plans, we feel anxious and out of control, a natural phenomenon. That's because our little attempts at control are often at odds with the universe's master plan. It's one of balance, with its own way of maintaining its equilibrium, its own idea of creating opportunities for our further growth and learning.

Looking at the bigger picture(hurricanes, accidents, divorce, different ideologies, freak occurrences, etc.), we realize that our own attempts at controlling our immediate environment quite often are trumped by others or by nature.

The universe has other ideas so that we don't get too comfortable or complacent. We find ourselves faced with the rocky path. Control is just an illusion. Why should we expect theuniverse to follow our idea of orderanyway?

If you cultivate that place that is called your "center," the place inside of your being that remains at peace regardless of outside forces, you can get through just about anything. In this place is your spiritual connection, your place of oneness with all that is, your objectivity. Many alternative healing modalities, meditation, yoga, enjoying nature, prayer, quiet time alone or even a good laugh can bring you back to center.

So what's the lesson of chaos? Perhaps it is to get us to rethink our outdated habits or routines that keep us from evolving. Maybe we need a little shaking up.

Are your beliefs still valid today? Perhaps chaos is serving the purpose of reminding you to reevaluate. We may learn that resisting what is doesn't create peace and choose to "go with the flow."

Find out where it will take you. In time you will flow back into centeredness, calm and ready to take on your next challenge.

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