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Comedy: Auggie Smith

By P.F. Wilson · June 22nd, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Comedian Auggie Smith has gotten a lot mellower in the past few years. “Yeah, unfortunately, and a lot less funny,” he laughs. “I haven’t turned the corner on that.”

Don’t believe him. Smith is as fresh as today’s headlines. Literally.

“I’m doing a lot about political things, and I have very strong opinions," he says. "But I don’t care if you share those opinions or not, I’ m not trying to get you over to my side.”

Pop culture is actually more of a challenge than current events for Smith.

“When I was in clubs 10 years ago, I had all the same pop culture references as people in their early 20s that were at the show had,” he explains. “Now, I’m this 39-year-old guy sitting at home watching My Super Sweet 16. I know what the hell’s going on in the world, but it’s just hard to keep up with any pop culture because most of the art is so damned bad there’s no real expression of emotion going.”

That being said, he doesn’t want to be un-hip, but it’s tough. “I never thought I’d be that guy,” he says. “I listen to music now and I just don’t get most of it. It’s sad. Hopefully my audience will get older with me.’’

Auggie Smith performs at Go Bananas in the Festival Market Place, Montgomery, Thursday through Sunday. Showtime is 8 p.m. with a 10:15 extra show Friday and Saturday.

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