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Comedy: Kenny Smith

By P.F. Wilson · June 15th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

A regular on The Bob & Tom Show, Kenny Smith has been a fixture on college campuses for several years now and is starting to become a draw at comedy clubs across the country. Perhaps it’s those university gigs that have made him more socially conscious.

“Don’t say the 'N' word, white people, no matter how many CDs you have, no matter how many jerseys you have. 'Black people say it,’ well, that’s the rule.

Black people have had a hard enough time, not you in your Fubu shirt and big pants — cut it out. I don’t even say nickel anymore, it’s too close. I say, ‘Gimme five cents.’ ”

Atlanta native Felicia Gillespie, a comic who is proud to report that she's never had a day job, features and MCs for Smith this week at Go Bananas in Montgomery. Smith performs Thursday-Sunday; tickets are $8-$12 ($4 Thursday with college/military ID, $4 Sunday for bar and restaurant worker appreciation night).

Get show and club details here.



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