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Marvin Smith [Ollie's Trolley]

By Anne Mitchell · June 9th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
Marvin Smith, owner of Ollie’s Trolley in the West End and inventor of the Ollie Burger, has been known to eat an occasional Burrito Bowl at Chipotle — vegetarian style, with loads of veggies, black beans and a side of guacamole. As he enters the busy outdoor barbecue season, it’s a little break from smoky grills full of beautiful, meaty, basted ribs. Me? I’ll take Ollie’s ribs any day!

CityBeat: What is the best meal you’ve had recently, and where did you eat it?
Marvin Smith: That question is hard for me because I so enjoy my cooking.

I’m fortunate enough to afford what I want to eat and daring enough to try any recipe. I enjoy cooking and love food. I love to plan and shop for my meal each day. I picked up the habit of going to the fresh open market in Udorn, Thailand, while serving in the Air Force. Now, my highlight of my day is planning my personal meal. Maybe I should go out to eat more.

CB: Maybe you should try Thai Namtip. Chefs have told me that they love it.
MS: Where is Thai Namtip?

CB: On the west side. Take 74 west to North Bend Road. Turn right and go about a half mile.
MS: (two hours later, via text message) I just got back from there. You are right. It was terrific.

OLLIE’S TROLLEY, 1607 Central Ave., West End, 513-381-6100



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