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Michael Peterson [White House Inn]

By Brian Cross · June 2nd, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
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These days, if you happen to get an unsolicited job offer just as you’re starting to worry because your current gig is coming to an unexpected end, you have good luck. That or you’ve impressed the right person somewhere along the way.

That’s what happened to Chef Michael Peterson of the White House Inn upon the closing of NuVo, where he formerly worked. Peterson has stepped into bigger shoes (non-slip clogs?) and a bigger restaurant, where he’s melding his eclectic, fine-dining cooking experience and the Inn’s old-fashioned charm into what he describes as “modern with a country lair.” (Brian Cross)

CityBeat: What was the last great meal you had and where did you have it?
Michael Peterson:
It wasn’t in town; it was in Orlando.

It was actually in Disney World on my honeymoon. I had duck two ways, so one was duck pastrami and the other one was a duck conit and it had a ginger carrot puree. It was really good. (The restaurant) was called The Hollywood Brown Derby.

CB: Speaking of duck, what’s your duck quesadilla like?
It’s a mole duck quesadilla, so it’s rubbed with a bunch of mole seasoning and then I cook the duck in the oven for about two or three hours and then pull it apart. It’s topped with mole seasoning and then it gets a white cheddar cheese with it and an apple and strawberry fruit salsa.

THE WHITE HOUSE INN, 4940 Muhlhauser Road, Hamilton, 513-860-1110.



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