ETC: June 9, 10, 11 and 12

By Jane Durrell · May 26th, 2010 · Fringe
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What is it with trust when love, lust and Rock & Roll rule? Trust, presented by the Ensemble Theatre Acting Intern Company, gives five actors strong roles as their characters prepare for a wedding, flirt on the side, play music and generally behave badly.

This 50-minute play is by Stephen Dietz, the playwright of ETC’s recent comedy success Becky’s New Car. Codirectors Shannon Rae Lutz and Brian c.

Mehring promise both comedy and drama and say sound design, by Nick Koehlke, is “the pulse of the piece.” (Last year’s ETC intern presentation, gravesongs, was the Audience Pick of the Fringe.)

Ensemble Theatre details here.

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06.10.2010 at 11:06 Reply
I am an ongoing subscriber to ETC and a fan. But here is my problem. I have spend hours putting together a comprehensive Fringe schedule in order to see everything. When I walked into the theater last night it was the first time I was informed that TRUST is not 50 minutes as advertised. It is two hours. Even 24 hours notice might have been enough to rewrite my whole schedule. I couldn't trust TRUST and so I chose to see half the play, then walk out in intermission and see the rest of my schedule. As it turns out, I cannot see the second half without sacrificing two innocent Fringe shows that may well deserve to be seen. Someone at ETC knew long ago that this was not a 50 minute show. I am deeply disappointed.