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John Clark [Lucky John's Slow Market]

By Karen Christopfel · May 26th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating
John Clark is indeed a lucky man. After he was laid off from his design job, he was able to do what he loved: cook, eat and educate others about good food. John has set out to change the way Walnut Hills (and beyond) thinks about food. Lucky John Slow Market is a neighborhood grocery and café where locals can pick up pantry staples, organic diapers and even charcoal briquettes or sit at the counter and relax with fresh and healthy appetizers and entrees.

CityBeat: What’s the last great meal you ate and where did you eat it?
John Clark:
I always love Riverside Korean in Covington and Sitwell’s in Clifton.

But the last great meal I had out was at a Chicago Mexican restaurant. I love their chile rellenos. I have to say, though, the last great meal I had was in my own kitchen. We pan-fried a filet of ruby trout with ginger and grilled some fresh asparagus from my store.

CB: Speaking of your store, how did Lucky John come to be? What’s the philosophy?
I am a member of the slow foods movement and I believe that everyone has a right to eat fresh food at a reasonable price. I also believe in food education and I like teaching my customers about the right things to eat. I work with local farmers to get the freshest produce possible so families can eat well here or cook in their own homes. I like what Jamie Oliver said: “If the ingredients read like a science experiment, don’t eat it!”

LUCKY JOHN'S SLOW MARKET, 2550 Woodburn Ave., Walnut Hills, 513-979-4829



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