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Sloppy Seconds

May 28 • The Mad Hatter

By Reyan Ali · May 24th, 2010 · Sound Advice

In celebration of a weekend-long house party thrown in 1984, a bunch of friends decided to put together a makeshift band called Sloppy Seconds to run through a few Punk Rock covers. The players weren't too adept at their instruments, but its level of ability suited a boisterous project done on a lark. By late Saturday of that weekend, the guys were playing songs off the top of their heads and taking set-list suggestions from whoever wandered by.

The spirit of that original blowout still flickers 26 years later as Sloppy Seconds continues its streak of mischief.

The main reason the group managed to survive — and thrive — long past that weekend is because its approach to Pop Punk was deliciously tongue-in-cheek in an underground otherwise steeped in sobriety.

“In the ’80s, everybody was coming out of political Hardcore.

Every song was about Reagan’s America,” recalls B.A., whose sneering yell leads the Indianapolis-based act. “Our stuff wasn’t like that at all. Our sound was more in the tradition of ’70s Punk. We were doing songs about trashy, fun subjects (like) throwing parties.”

This M.O. led the band to establish “Junk Rock,” a self-deprecating micro-genre in which Ramones-bred melodies mingle with lyrics tracking why it sucks to be a pizza delivery boy, drunkenly vomiting in inappropriate zones and leaving a half-naked hottie hanging because her record collection contains The Wall and Tom Cruise film soundtracks.

While the band’s body of work does include tracks that are more than jokes (such as the disillusioned, effortlessly anthemic “Human Waste”), Sloppy Seconds aims for affable simplicity over grand gravitas.

“We were not going to be dedicated musicians that try to produce an opus like Tommy,” B.A. says. “All we’re interested in is putting together a two-and-a-half-minute song which has a good hook and maybe makes you smile when you hear the words.”

(Also on the bill are Situation Red, Reanimated, The Zvilles, The Junkards and League of Horny Evil Doers. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.)



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