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Tom Acito [Café de Wheels]

By Brian Cross · May 19th, 2010 · Look Who's Eating

You’ve seen the big black truck parked in various downtown locations during lunch or outside your local bar at night. But Café de Wheels also keeps busy by catering everything from surprise parties and weddings to estate sales. They do things a little different than other mobile eateries and aspire to win “Best Burger” in CityBeat’s Best of Cincinnati issue next year. “Our stuff takes a little longer, but it’s like the food you get in a restaurant,” says owner Tom Acito. “Everything in the truck is made to order.”

CB: What was the last great meal you had and where did you have it?
Tom Acito: The last great meal I had was probably at Nada downtown.

I had Carnitas Tacos and my wife had vegetarian tacos. And the two Mojitos that went with it, I think they helped.

CB: Tell me about the Cuban Reuben.
The Cuban Reuben is a new sandwich. We used cheddar cheese and the Cuban pork then we started to put some other things in it and my chef tried it with sauerkraut. And then we changed to pulled pork and put barbeque sauce on it and it evolved into somewhere between a Cuban sandwich and a Rueben sandwich because it uses elements from both. Hence the name. And it’s just really good. The sauerkraut and the sweet barbeque sauce are really awesome together.

CAFÉ DE WHEELS: www.cafedewheels.com



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