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Comedy: Hackamania

By P.F. Wilson · May 11th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends
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“There’s a really good stand-up comedy scene around here,” says comic Brad Thacker. “There are probably 15-20 (nationally recognized) comics I could name off the top of my head … that hail from here.” Indeed, names like Josh Sneed, Greg Warren, Gary Owen, Kat Williams and many more have ties to the Tristate. To showcase the next wave, Thacker has put together a free show called Hackamania.

He will be joined by fellow funnymen Mike Cody, The David, Butch Wesley, Brandon Johnson, Mark Chalifoux, and Mike Cronin.

All of the comics have featured for headliners such as Dave Attell, Dave Chapelle and Doug Stanhope.

Thacker’s humor runs toward making fun of celebrities and reality TV. “I’m kind of like Kathy Griffin with a penis,” he states. “I’m obsessed with the Gosselin family, I think that’s pretty funny, and all of these celebrity affairs are pretty hilarious.” The aim of the showcase is simple enough. “To show the city of Cincinnati that there’s a really good stand-up scene around here. Hopefully it being free will get people out there.”

Cincinnati-based rockers Mallory will close the show.

10:30 p.m. Friday at Mayday. Get show and club details here.



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