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Comedy: Greg Warren

By PF Wilson · May 4th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Performing in Cincinnati is a sort of homecoming for comedian Greg Warren, a St. Louis native. “It’s one of the three or four towns I’ve lived in,” he says. “I know where everything is, where to go, I have friends there. It’s like another home to me.”

The former P&G employee came here from Houston where he started doing stand-up. It was in Southwestern Ohio that he decided to quit his day job and become a comedian full-time. Known for doing character bits like Flute Man and Uncle Earl, his act has gradually become more personal.

“I sort of talk a lot about myself, my life and then there will be characters in the story, but maybe not well-defined or recurring.”

Sports still comes up, as Warren tells stories from his days as an NCAA Division I wrestler. For example, there was the time he had to practice against a former Olympian named Steve who was twice his age. “The best way to describe it is he beat me over the head with me,” Warren says. Turns out Steve was supposed to go to the Olympics in 1980, before President Carter instated a boycott to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. “Apparently he was still pissed, and he took it out on me.”

Greg Warren performs at Funny Bone on the Levee Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are $14-$16.

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