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Comedy: Underbelly Anniversary

By P.F. Wilson · April 27th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Comedian and sketch performer Mike Cody wants to be the next Lorne Michaels, but he didn’t realize it until he was few months into a project known as Underbelly.

Featuring area comics doing “everything but stand-up,” the show is marking its one year anniversary on Tuesday. Each Tuesday for the past year, this loose affiliation of comedians — some from as far away as Columbus and Lexington — have held court in the Southgate House Parlour.

“I would say it works out to be about two-thirds sketches, and the rest of it is just anything else,” Cody says.

“We have one guy who does monologues and poetry. A lot of people do improv. We have a couple of improv-based games we do. Sometimes we’ll close out the show doing those.”

Of course it took a few months for the show to find its legs. “I feel bad for the people who came in the first four months or so,” Cody says, “because we would have a quarter of a fun show and the rest of the show was like ‘Oh, man.’ But around month No. 5 everything really started clicking.”

And word spread far and wide. “This guy from Columbus, who isn’t a comedian, he just loves comedy, came down and got a hotel room in the area just so he could come watch the show.”

9:30 p.m. Admission is $3 for those of drinking age (comedy fans 18-20 can get in for $6). Get event and venue details here.



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