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Comedy: Drew Hastings

By P.F. Wilson · April 27th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

“Most of what I do … comes from pain or anger,” muses Kettering native Drew Hastings. “I think that’s what tends to drive my stuff. And then I probably tend to look at the human condition using me as an example.”

His comedy comes from his own experiences in the world and not as a detached observer peering at us through his trademark large black glasses. “I’ve never said it on stage,” Hastings says, “but I’ve often felt my middle name should be ‘Versus.’ We are what keeps us held back the most.

I think that kind of comes out on stage to a degree.”

Always known for his dry delivery and pregnant pauses, his style has kept him popular over the years, particularly among listeners of the The Bob & Tom Show. “I think I’ve always been somewhat like that,” he notes. “I probably used to be more animated … (and) more in your face. I think I just, in a way, matured. I became more efficient. I looked a long time ago at the style that you become known for. Say it’s a Sam Kinison style. If you get popular or famous in that style, you’re stuck with it.”

Hastings performs at Go Bananas in Montgomery Thursday-Sunday. Tickets are $15-$20.

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