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Comedy: Bruce Baum

By P.F. Wilson · April 21st, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

You’ve seen Bruce Baum somewhere before. As a guest star on The Simpsons or Northern Exposure? Comedy Central?

You know he’s funny, but you might not be able to place the name with the face. “That's why I keep this face,” laughs Baum. A true comedy veteran, he’s been cracking up audiences since the late ‘70s. Looking like a cross between David Crosby and David Crosby later that same day, Baum is more of a traditional joke teller. “With Siamese twins, does it take three to tango?” he asks his audiences. “My uncle lost a lot of money recently.

Apparently he opened his feng shui store in a really bad location.”

Baum will also favor the audience with a song or two (he had a novelty hit in the late ‘70s with the parody song “Marty Feldman Eyes”). Recently he put a band together. “The name of the group is Noggin Blast,” he says. “I’m the only comedian, but we’re trying to make an entertaining rock band. A band that rocks, but maybe has a little tongue-and-cheek-ness.”

With his finger in so many pies, it’s not surprising to find out that he never does the same set twice. “I’m always incorporating new stuff,” he says. “I open and close with the same one or two things and in the middle it’s just a body of stuff I pull from, and then I make it up as I go along.”

Bruce Baum performs at Hollywood Casino’s Laff Inn Comedy Club Thursday and Friday. Free for Producer and Celebrity Club members; $10 for two tickets for Club Hollywood members. Get showtimes and buy tickets here.



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