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Art: Jardin Femme at Clay Street Press

By Jane Durrell · April 14th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends
If you still have doubts as to whether computer-generated art can actually be true art, look in on McCrystle Wood’s Jardin Femme at Clay Street Press. The 21 computer-created archival digital prints, each in an edition of five, capture both the eye and the mind of the viewer. They're beautiful but not “pretty” and intellectually exciting without being didactic.

Wood, a painter/printmaker who is also a faculty member at DAAP’s School of Design, has been investigating where considerations of the female experience might take her for some time.

Earlier works in her Jardin Femme (“Garden Woman”) series took on concepts of beauty and aging. Now, her artist’s statement says, she’s thinking about “the future of the individual, the society and the planet and notions of sustainability.”

At the Clay Street Press through May 15. Get gallery details and read Jane Durrell's review here.



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