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WKRC-TV and Cincinnati Public Schools

By Kevin Osborne · April 14th, 2010 · Winners and Losers


CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS: The district’s internal auditor recently found that CPS used an “inconsistent” methodology to count minority contractors who worked on construction projects, resulting in inflated numbers. In reality, CPS’ figures were off by $16 million. That means only 9.5 percent ($67.8 million) of the $712 million spent on projects through last year went to minority firms, far less than pledged. There’s no excuse for a district of CPS’ size not to at least use the correct accounting methods. Whether intentional or not, this type of situation only damages the community’s trust in local school leadership.


DONALD SHABAZZ: The always-excitable Shabazz, who is board chairman at WAIF (88.3 FM), has a habit of making misleading statements and outright lies about how he operates the community radio station.

Whenever he’s criticized for his heavy-handed management style and purges of longtime volunteers, he accuses his challengers of racism — regardless of the fact they include five African-American programmers he had removed from the airwaves. They include respected activists like Victoria Straughn. Meanwhile, Shabazz has a history of shady dealing like his 1995 disbarment as a lawyer for fraud and deceit. Sorry, Mr. Shabazz, but you have zero credibility compared to your accusers.


WKRC-TV: Nearly 16 months after Channel 12’s Doppler weather radar broke, and after taking it on the chin in some blistering ads by competitor Channel 9, WKRC has repaired and improved its radar into an HD format. The new radar scans the skies more quickly and has more power, or so the weather geeks tell us. Still, we’re sure the only way this rivalry is going to end once and for all is when Tim Hedrick and Steve Raleigh pull out their tape measures and determine whose radar dish is the biggest.


COAST: The uber-conservative Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes frequently likes to fudge its facts to make a point. Although COAST often claims it’s bipartisan, it issued a press release attacking Republican Leslie Ghiz, a Hamilton County commission candidate, for siding with Democrats on some issues. It also blasts Ghiz for supporting a jail tax in 2007. This conveniently ignores the fact that COAST’s pet candidate on the commission, Phil Heimlich, endorsed a similar tax in 2006 before being booted out of office. Or how COAST leader Chris Finney supported the stadium tax in the 1990s. No offense, boys, but your track record sucks.



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