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Lectures: Wendell Berry

By Judy George · April 6th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

Long before the documentary Food, Inc., before the locally-grown organic food movement and before modern omnivores even realized the dilemma they faced, Kentucky farmer and writer Wendell Berry championed sustainable agriculture with The Unsettling of America, a manifesto against the government's “get big or get out” advice to farmers.

Now 76, Berry — author of more than 40 novels, anthologies and poetry books — continues his fight against environmental destruction and greed.

Smithsonian called his recent body of political thought “so Jeffersonian it seems almost un-American in today’s world.”

With Wes Jackson, co-founder of the Land Institute (a Kansas-based center dedicated to developing ecologically sustainable agriculture), Berry speaks as part of Xavier University’s “Ecology and Sustainability” lecture series. Ohio farmer Gene Logsdon, who has written about rural living, alternative farming practices and homesteading, will also join the discussion.

7 p.m. Sunday at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Free admission.

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