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Comedy: Mike Loftus

By PF Wilson · March 30th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

“I was all over the board,” comedian Mike Loftus says of his pre-comedy career ambitions. “At one point I was going to be a medical illustrator. I thought that would be a good career path. Thank god I did not do that. Now it’s all computers and I’d be out of a job. I’m glad I went into comedy.”

The risk of obsolescence is much lower in comedy to be sure. “Let’s hope,” he says, “there’s room for everybody. I don’t begrudge anybody making a dime in this economy, especially with comedy.” Loftus notes that a lot of people look down their noses at a performer like ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, dismissing him as a mere puppet act.

“You’d give your left nut to be that puppet act. He’s arguably the most successful stand-up working. There’s room for ventriloquists, there’s room for Dane Cook, there’s even room for Carrot Top.”

On stage Loftus talks mostly about politics and relationships. But what makes him laugh most is, as he puts it, reality. “Starbucks bullshit Italian,” he says. “I find that hysterical. ‘I’ll have a venti latte.’ What the hell? You don’t even know what you’re saying!”

Mike Loftus performs at Funny Bone on the Levee Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are $14-$16.

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