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Comedy: Kevin Brennan

By PF Wilson · March 16th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

“I love stand-up, but I don’t love show business,” says comedian Kevin Brennan. “People say ‘You picked this business.’ I didn’t really. I picked stand-up comedy, which bleeds into show business.” Brennan, it seems, is just happy telling jokes.

Even the lure of steady work in commercials didn’t pique his interest. Years ago, at the behest of an actress/friend, he went and saw an agent that specialized in that sort of work.

The agent explained how it all worked and then asked Brennan if he was interested. Quoting Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) in This is Spinal Tap, Brennan said, “What are the hours?” The agent then called in one of his associates. “They walk me to the elevator and close the door. If it was the mafia I would have been whacked!” So what would Brennan do if he couldn’t be on stage? “I go to Home Depot,” he begins. “I ask a guy coming toward me in an orange apron ‘You know where the certain type of something is?’ he goes ‘It’s not my department.’ I’m thinking ‘I know I could do that.’ I know I could basically tell people ‘That’s not my department.’ ”

Kevin Brennan performs at Go Bananas in Montgomery Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are $8-$12.Get showtimes, tickets and find nearby bars and restaurants here.



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