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Music: The Lions Rampant

By Brain Baker · March 8th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

The Lions Rampant's new album, It’s Fun to Do Bad Things, features snarling, primal Garage Rock with extra helpings of deep fried Soul.

It was completed last winter, and the band was playing a scant few new songs live to keep it under wraps while they pursued a record deal.

It was a longer process than they anticipated. After a few close shaves, the Lions went with Deep Elm.

With the imminent national distribution of It’s Fun to Do Bad Things, a couple of well-shot videos making the viral rounds and relentless touring ahead, including CD release shows here at The Mockbee and at least six out-of-state cities. 

They host a CD release concert/dance party at the Mockbee with The Guitars, DJ Iceburg and DJ Gerald. Get show details and read an interview with the band here.



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