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Good Moves and Positive Change

By Anne Mitchell · March 2nd, 2010 · The Dish
The Dish brings you today’s moments in optimism! Not all news is negative — no, no, no! Some of our favorite local dining spots are doing quite well, thank you, and expanding their operations.

Bouchard’s at Findlay Market, source of wonderful fresh, homemade pasta and sauces so delicious they make you want to eat them with a spoon, has opened a new location downtown at 825 Main St. (513-421-5838), where they’re serving breakfast and lunch on weekdays. Actually, they’re serving breakfast all day, which is good if you're craving pancakes at an untraditional hour, but according to owner Jenny Miller they also have a full range of soups, salads, paninis and wraps. Their most popular item is the Cuban Panini ($7), packed with sliced pork, ham, pickles and spicy mustard on crusty ciabatta. The new location is next to The Sports Page and close to the Hamilton County Courthouse. Check it out.

Opening just days from now is The Bonbonerie’s new coffee shop at 2030 Madison Road. If that address sounds familiar, it’s because that was always the beloved bakery’s mailing address, although customers entered from the rear of the building. The expansion into the front of the O’Bryonville shop, next to Hemptations, marks an “opportunity to embrace coffee again,” explains Bonbonerie co-owner Sharon Butler, “while the bakery stays as it always was.”

The coffee shop will replace the tea room, although that space will remain open to be used for bridal cake selection and future classes in cake decoration and other domestic arts.

The new coffee shop will fill your morning java fix and continue to offer traditional afternoon tea, as well as expanded hours for dessert in the evening on Fridays and Saturdays and brunch on Sundays. The Bonbon crew will have more chances to show off their savory skills as well as their sweets, with sandwiches served on homemade caramelized onion rolls, pretzel bread or other creative options. Call 513-321-3399 or go to bonbonerie.com for the new hours. Or just go there and eat a pecan bar for me. Please.

Already open and getting good press from the downtown blogging crowd — we’re looking at you, 5chw4r7z — is Mr. Sushi in the 580 Building (580 Walnut St.). Word is that the sushi is fresh and reasonably priced and the beer selection is better than average. What more could you ask for? Mr. Sushi is also a new venture from an established restaurateur, Jin Kim, whose Iron Chef Grill is out by Fields Ertel Road. Welcome downtown, Mr. Sushi!

Don’t miss the new alt food venues that are starting to appear on the local scene. We’ve been to Café De Wheels, and while we loved the burger ($5) we got a little crazy with passion over the sweet potato fries ($3). Incredible that food so good could come from a truck! Since this is meals on wheels, you should check their Twitter feed (@burgerBgood) to see where they’ll turn up next. I’ve had luck catching them by the Main Library Branch downtown at lunchtime.

I haven’t found the taco trucks yet. If you have the scoop on them or the inside dope on other new dining venues, drop us a heads up.




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