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When in Rome (Review)

Romantic comedy is inept and mundane

By tt stern-enzi · February 2nd, 2010 · Movies

The severity of this grade is by no means an attempt to leave a searing scarlet brand marking it as the worst film ever made, but it does signify that the filmmakers (writers David Diamond and David Weissman and director Mark Steven Johnson) committed the unforgivable sin of taking a premise that could be magical — of an overachieving and slightly clumsy woman (Kristen Bell) who can’t find love and filches a few coins (and the wishful hearts of the coin’s depositors including Bell’s now real-life fiancé Dax Shepard) from the fountain of love in Rome — and rendering it in the most inept and mundane fashion.

Bell and Josh Duhamel, as her would-be suitor, an equally clutzy writer and former football player known for having survived an on-field lightning strike, waste what little charm they are able to muster in the service of broad overworked affair. The Muggle-headed types in charge of green-lighting and producing this bum-busted rom-com should be banished to a world without even the faintest hope of love: their own movie. Grade: F

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