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Comedy: Rob Schneider

By P.F. Wilson · January 29th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends
Like most current and former Saturday Night Live cast members, Rob Schneider started out as a stand-up comic. Unlike many of that show’s alumni, since then he hasn’t spent a lot of time telling jokes in front of live audiences. It was pals Chris Rock and Adam Sandler who gave him the nudge.

“Adam’s been telling me to do it for 10 years,” Schneider says.

“And I worked with Chris over the summer, and we would be writing jokes and laughing all day. They said, ‘You gotta do it. You gotta go to the places you don’t wanna go.’ So I started doing it. I said, ‘I’m really going to try and get that hour.’ ”

The other inspiration for getting back on stage came from the late George Carlin.

Schneider performs at the Funny Bone Friday through Sunday. Read P.F. Wilson's full interview and get event details here.



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