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Comedy: Vic Henley

By P.F. Wilson · January 25th, 2010 · CityBeat Recommends

"My show’s always different,” says Comedian Vic Henley. “I try to mix it up when I come to (Cincinnati).”

Henley plays Go Bananas about once a year and feels he really has his finger on the pulse of the Tristate. “I’ve been there so many times over the years, I know a lot of things about Cincinnati,” he says. “I know what’s going on from another disappointing year by the Bengals to race riots in the streets to all the way back to Jerry Springer writing a check to the hooker.

I’ll break out a chunk of material that’s related to (the area) and it’s funny.”

Then he’ll likely oscillate between funny stories, current events and maybe even a little NASCAR. “I don’t know much about NASCAR,” he says, “except my brothers listen to it on the radio. That’s how sad their lives are. If you think golf on TV is too exciting, kick it up a notch and listen to NASCAR on the radio. Nothing’ll send you to dreamland faster. ‘They’re going left!’ ”

Henley performs at Go Bananas Thursday-Sunday. $10-$15. Get showtimes, tickets and club details here.



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